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Don't Be Fooled:Avoiding the Pitfalls of Marketing Tricks and Inflated Prices

Last updated 6 years ago

Nobody wants the wine equivalent of one of these guys telling them what wine to buy.  Well, it's not the salespeople you need to worry about; it's the marketers.  While many people marketing wine have the customers' best interest in mind, many do not.  There are a lot of labeling terms, point scores, and other information being thrown around these days.  It can be tough to know if this kind of thing:

really means anything. It's easy to wonder what makes that expensive bottle of wine cost so much and whether or not we'll actually think it's worth it when we open it up and pour a glass.

In this class, we will present some ideas about the more and less reasonable approaches to pricing, labeling, and marketing wine. We'll talk about why you might really like some less expensive ones and why you might or might not find certain higher-priced, "special occasion" bottles worthwhile. We'll taste 8 wines, showing some examples of what we're talking about, including some where you know you're trying a higher and lower priced wine side by side, but you don't know which is which. The results might surprise you, or at least show you when those prices are meaningful to you.

You're bound to find this exercise interesting, and you're sure to have a little more confidence in deciding how much to spend on certain categories. There are no hard, fast absolutes in the wine world, but there are some pieces of information that can generally be very helpful.

All of this will take place Sunday, April 1st, 6-8pm at our location at 119 River Street in Waltham. Tickets are $30 per person. Tickets (which have to be nonrefundable so that we can accurately budget expenses and staff for the event) can be purchased in person at any of our locations, or you can call 781-894-1907 and purchase them by phone. Spaces are limited (this will not be a very large group), so reserve your space before we sell out. We do ask that you sign up at least a week before the class.

Doug Schulman, CWE (Certified Wine Educator)
Wine Sales, D&L Liquors, 119 River St, Waltham, MA


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